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  2. Music   Giorgio Moroder Until recently Giorgio Moroder was unknown to me until Daft Punk…


    Giorgio Moroder

    Until recently Giorgio Moroder was unknown to me until Daft Punk released the amazing album Random Access Memories. Moroder is frequently credited with pioneering electronic dance music. Still, even with this claim to fame Moroder is not as well-known as you’d expect, which is a shame. Today I thought I would introduce you to some of his work.


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  3. MST3K Guys will riff GODZILLA ‘98 in theaters nationwide

    MST3K Guys will riff GODZILLA ’98 in theaters nationwide

    Well, Godzilla ’98 was I’ll say it god awful, but add the comic geniuses behind Mystery Science Theater 3000 and you’ve got comedy gold. I had no idea that those hecklers of films had continued their ribbing with their company, RiffTrax. Now, due to Kickstarter will see what they can do with the big lizard. If the $250,000 stretch goal is achieved, it will unlock RiffTrax getting the rights to…

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  4. Artists I love

    I’m going to start sharing a weekly roundup of musical and visual artists that I have discovered or just love. Music will be added to a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure. Let’s get started!


    I love Jazz and Britain’s Jamie Cullum is on my list of favorites. He is extremely versatile and seems just as comfortable performing classic jazz standards as he is when transforming the same…

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  5. Neil Patrick Harris Creates An Awesome Choose Your Own Adventure Memoir

    Neil Patrick Harris Creates An Awesome Choose Your Own Adventure Memoir

    Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography Image from Amazon

    Neil Patrick Harris definitely knows how to bring in the geeks whether it’s musicals about super villains or in this case an choose your own adventure style memoir. This has to be the best way ever to do one’s autobiography. You must read the book’s official blurb:

    Tired of memoirs that only tell you what really happened?

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  6. Mr.Beam laser cutter and engraver kit

    Mr.Beam laser cutter and engraver kit

    If you are a maker or do arts and crafts, you might find this project quite interesting. Meet Mr. Beam, a laser cutter and engraver from Germany. It looks like a great project. While, it is a laser cutter do not expect to be able to cut out steel parts. Mr. Beam is more designed for things such as cutting paper and engraving wood pieces. It‘s designed to cut leather up to 1 mm thick and other…

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  7. Cool cats haz no balls!

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  8. Locking the disabled out of independence: Why is Medicare paying more, for less? | The Blazon


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  10. Lynda.com Review

    Last week I decided to check out Lynda.com, which is an online educational website for learning software, design, and business skills. I decided to use this service in order to pick up the skills needed for 3-D printing and web design for this blog. I decided to put together this little review of my experience so far.

    First, let’s go over the price. Lynda.com is a subscription-based service,…

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  11. What is a Cough Assist?

    What is a Cough Assist?

    Breathing is pretty important I think we’d all agree, but most people don’t take any time thinking about this life supporting action. That is until you can’t. For those people like myself and others with respiratory issues, we are keenly aware of what happens when your breathe is taken away. I can tell you it can be pretty scary living with these issues, luckily medicine has some pretty cool…

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  15. You’ll be the envy of the Milky Way in this meticulously crafted garment from lifelong lover of the cosmos Steven B. Wheeler.