1. Locking the disabled out of independence: Why is Medicare paying more, for less? | The Blazon


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  3. Lynda.com Review

    Last week I decided to check out Lynda.com, which is an online educational website for learning software, design, and business skills. I decided to use this service in order to pick up the skills needed for 3-D printing and web design for this blog. I decided to put together this little review of my experience so far.

    First, let’s go over the price. Lynda.com is a subscription-based service,…

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  4. What is a Cough Assist?

    What is a Cough Assist?

    Breathing is pretty important I think we’d all agree, but most people don’t take any time thinking about this life supporting action. That is until you can’t. For those people like myself and others with respiratory issues, we are keenly aware of what happens when your breathe is taken away. I can tell you it can be pretty scary living with these issues, luckily medicine has some pretty cool…

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  8. You’ll be the envy of the Milky Way in this meticulously crafted garment from lifelong lover of the cosmos Steven B. Wheeler.


  9. Nothing original tonight

    I just ran out of spoons. That is explained here. Check out this 3d printed jewelry from Susan Hinton at…


  10. Don’t give in.

    Don’t give in.

    Goat photoI admit it, I’m stubborn as a mule. It’s most definitely ingrained in my genetic code. My whole family is hardheaded. Heck, even the cat. When you get right down to it the word, no, is not in our vocabulary. If I decide I am not going to do something, it’s not happening, but you better not tell me what to do. I can’t tell you how many arguments I’ve had with my parents that stem from this issue.…

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  11. I’ll be 3D Printing

    I’ll be 3D Printing

    May will be quite the month, because  it will mark my entrance into the world of 3D printing.  I have been fascinated by the concept ever since seeing it on a TED talk several years ago. The idea that anyone could manufacture objects in their own home instead of in a big  factory was something right out of Star Trek. After hearing about it, I quickly began thinking about what I could create with…

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  12. A recurring nightmare

    I’m happy to say that I really haven’t had a nightmare in quite a while, but that wasn’t always the case. This was especially true while still dealing with sizable anxiety issues. I had one particularly disturbing recurring  dream that plagued me for a while.

    in this dream I would be rolling down the sidewalk or crossing the street. Everything would be fine, when all of a sudden a huge semitruck…

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  13. gossipseer:

    "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent" more like "I have no idea how abuse works and my misguided attempts at empowering people are hurtful and bullshit".

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  14. What is a successful date?

    What is a successful date?

    Okay, you had a date with a wonderful person, and now you’re asking yourself; was that a success? I see that as a somewhat problematic question. For instance, how does one gauge success? Why must we set our dates up into a series of expectations? People really need to chill out. Just go with the flow. If you meet somebody and you start making out that first date, it’s okay. And if you don’t, it’s…

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  15. Where is my broadband?

    Where is my broadband?

    For me, the Internet is kind of like air. Unfortunately, in this country you have to suck the air through a straw. This is frankly of kind of embarrassing. Do we really have the right to call ourselves the most technically advanced nation in the world when according to Bloomberg.com, we are only the 13th fastest nation when it comes to Internet speed, while South Korea boasts the highest. Why is…

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